Allow me to welcome you dear reader to my brainchild, SLAY Pilipinas!


Well, it means to conquer. In the case of this blog, it hopes to conquer the Philippines, not in a terrorist kind of way but being able to experience everything this country has to offer with Cebu as the starting point.

Forgive me in advance for I write like a third grader and would sometimes use profanity to really explain the idea inside this stupid brain of mine.

Once in a while, I will be featuring articles written by other bloggers which truly interests me not only on travel but also on themes that provoke human emotion.

Also, in order to get a good perspective, I’ll be featuring photos of random instagram users relevant to the story.

Before using this domain, I started out with the King of Sinulog brand. I started blogging back in January 2015 to share my egoistic exploits and social experiments. Hopefully, you’ll be able to read an article or two about that crazy phase.

Among those activities involved going on solo trips to somewhere I’ve never been, talking to complete strangers, launching my very first music album, eating at restaurants and staying at hotels for free and some other things that are a bit wild and controversial.

Going through a lot of crazy and interesting stuff, I saw the need to distill my thoughts into words so that I could recall them as the years go by, sort of like my legacy perhaps. Flash forward a couple of months, I became affiliated with Out of Town Blog and also a proud member of Cebu Bloggers Society.

Blogging has served as a big turning point in my total growth as a person. I got to experience new things, meet new people who share my passion and was able to express myself through this platform.

Enough of this chitchat, go ahead and check some of my posts that interest you.

Keep slayin,